The Next Generation

TNG is a group under the Bridge umbrella focused on the needs of the 18-35 age demographic (and their partners) of our community. We welcome all sexualities and gender identification, and any D/s or M/s or any variant power exchange dynamic. As a group we will strive to maintain a safe, respectful, supportive and educational environment for the youngest members of our Pittsburgh Kink community, to further the education and safety of our community as a whole.

We will provide an open forum (on Fetlife, this website and primarily in real life) for our members to discuss relevant topics in regards to alternative sexuality, relationships, general BDSM, events and safety within the active community. As well as any other topic that may pertain to being 18 to 35 in this community.

We meet once per month. Our meeting is on the second Tuesday are held at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Every second Tuesday we have a different presentation or discussion; past topics have included scene etiquette, role play, erotic hypnosis, and tickling.