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New Website Launch / End of Pandemic Hiatus

A New Look We are excited to launch our redesigned website - complete with the new logo, color scheme, and running on a new platform under the hood! This new look symbolizes our rebirth after several long years in hibernation running primarily virtual events. As Twitter seems to be a less and less reliable platform, you can look to this website for more regular updates and event information! Bridge Reemerges from the Pandemic Hiatus With our Roland’s Munch now consistently in full swing, we are looking to get more events back to a regular cadence.

Advice For Your First Event

Type of Event The first thing to consider is the kind of social experience that will be comfortable for you, and help you feel encouraged about continuing to explore. Our various events provide different social experiences and atmospheres. It is helpful to select the type of event that best suits your personality. Do you want a large group setting in which you can see a good range of members of the local scene?

The BDSM Community - It's Not That Scary After All

One very common theme that I hear across many new attendees to our munches is an expression of anxiety or uncertainty about joining the community. I am commonly asked if it is appropriate for a new or curious person to just show up, or if it is acceptable to just walk up to others at the event and introduce yourself. The answer to both of those question is emphatically yes.