Pittsburgh Bridge

Spanning Kink Communities

About Us

Pittsburgh Bridge is a BDSM peer group primarily designed to provide social interaction and education to people interested in a variety of alternative lifestyles. Pittsburgh Bridge welcomes everyone 18 years of age or older regardless of experience level, providing you are accepting and respectful of all of our members.

Our mission is to create and foster a supportive and enriching environment comprised of mutual respect, acceptance, fluid communication, honesty, and exploration without judgment as we pursue our passions, needs, desires, and enjoyment with regards to BDSM. We do so while fueling our creativity and inquisitive natures, as well as developing peer kinships and establishing strong roots within our local kink community.

In addition to these values, our focus is to promote education using the tenets of SSC and RACK, personal growth, and community cohesion.

Accountability and personal responsibility are essential to achieving this mission, and it is vital that each of us is the embodiment of these qualities. For the betterment of the Pittsburgh community, we hold ourselves to these high standards, so that each and every one of us is an exceptional representative of the whole.

Last updated on 13 Aug 2020
Published on 13 Aug 2020