Pittsburgh Bridge

Spanning Kink Communities

Guidelines for Conduct

By attending Bridge events or making use of Bridge resources, individuals agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

Treat other attendees with respect and courtesy. Anyone engaging in rude or disruptive behavior will be warned. If the behavior continues, the person may be asked to leave and not attend further Pittsburgh Bridge events.

Most Bridge events are held in public restaurants. These venues welcome the kink community, but there are acceptable levels of dress and behavior that we must maintain. Fetish and sexy clothing is welcome and encouraged, but because these are public venues, it is not acceptable to expose more than would be allowed in any other public place.

Although many of our events take place at venues that serve alcohol, engaging in or negotiating play while intoxicated is strongly discouraged.

Pittsburgh Bridge wishes to create the safest possible environment for the attendees of our events. As such, we take sexual assault and other major consent violations very seriously. Anyone credibly accused of such a violation may be asked not to attend events organized by Pittsburgh Bridge. When these issues arise, Bridge generally adheres to the NCSF Best Practices for Consent to Kink.

It is much better for everyone, however, if these incidents never happen in the first place, so we also support prevention activities including education in consent and safety. Even in the presence of these measures, attendees should understand that no environment is completely safe and that they are ultimately responsible for their own well being.

Last updated on 13 Aug 2020
Published on 13 Aug 2020