Pittsburgh Bridge

Spanning Kink Communities

New Website Launch / End of Pandemic Hiatus

A New Look

We are excited to launch our redesigned website - complete with the new logo, color scheme, and running on a new platform under the hood! This new look symbolizes our rebirth after several long years in hibernation running primarily virtual events.

As Twitter seems to be a less and less reliable platform, you can look to this website for more regular updates and event information!

Bridge Reemerges from the Pandemic Hiatus

With our Roland’s Munch now consistently in full swing, we are looking to get more events back to a regular cadence. We promise some exciting announcements coming up in the near future following up on the big news of the return of the Pittsburgh Community Kinknic (Fetlife Link, login required).

Unfortunately not all of our venues survived the pandemic, so we are still in the process of evaluating what is and isn’t feasible for regular events. But stay tuned for more exciting news as we get continue our mission to get back in the full swing of events!