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Spanning Kink Communities

Bridge Events


Munches are social gatherings, which are generally held at restaurants. These are weeknight events which center around food, drink, and discussion with fellow kinksters. They offer a relaxed atmosphere and are an excellent way to meet people and begin to explore kink.

Happy Hour

If you’re not quite ready for a play event, but looking for something a little wilder than a munch, Happy Hours are the events for you. They’re held at a selection of bars across the city and generally include drinks, dancing, and a party atmosphere.

Educational Events

Academy events are educational classes which focus on a variety of topics across the spectrum of kink. Speakers may include experienced members of the local community or nationally known presenters, and the presentation typically includes a live demonstration which illustrates the concepts being taught.

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Last updated on 13 Aug 2020
Published on 13 Aug 2020